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Ok, I got it
The GPz1100 Collection
Related Web Page: zx1100A1
I have managed to accumulate a couple of GPz1100's lately. All are in running order and all will get a make over in due course. This page has been redesigned to concentrate on my 1982 Kawasaki GPz1100B2 which I have owned for a few years now. Its been the most reliably bike I have ever owned, its done Phillip Island runs (4500klm), attended numerous motorcycle rally's all over the east coast of Australia and functioned well as a daily commuter while not letting me down once.

I recently decided to overhaul it starting with a frame straightening job, new bearings, alloy cleanup, re-paint/powder coat all the metal parts and a complete new paint job. The goal is to turn it into a Eddie Lawson Replica (ELR) since they are in fact the same bike but with different brakes, instrument cluster and different handlebars. The B1 is a much closer match to the ELR as it features 7/8" handlebars as standard.

A few years ago I purchased a GPz1100B1, then in June 2009 I had to sell it after my marriage ended, but recently I managed to obtained it back! As the previous owner ended up doing nothing with it and it was left to gather dust! So once I complete the B2, I will rebuild the B1 which is still intact with DFI still fitted and working. it will become my next rebuild and a page is being setup for it shortly.
Relevant Links:
Not a fantastic picture but it shows the GPz1100 with out the bikini fairing and my magnetic tank bag on the tank. Its all fitted for touring and did many trips to Phillip Island and back (4500klm round trip).
Re-aquired - My 1981 GPz1100B1 with EFI, I will be rebuilding this on a budget so that it looks like an Eddie Lawson Replica. There are a number of small repairs like fork seals and tyres to do but basically it needs a strip, clean and paint.
My Gpz1100 History


Purchased in July 2008 for $2000. Has been sprayed black with gold pin stripping, rides OK but needs some suspension work done. Currently partly stripped in the garage and awaiting a strip and rebuild - Scheduled for January 2012.

I purchase the GPz1100B2 in February 2008 for $2000. It was up for auction on eBay but I missed getting to a computer in time and the auction ended but lucky for me there were no bids. I contacted the seller and he agreed to let me have it subject to inspection for the offer price. The owner had it for 16 years but had only ridden it a few times in the last couple of years and due to a lack of maintenance the brakes were seized and the clutch often locked up when the lever was pulled in. The disks were worn but the motor starts first go and purrs as it had just been rebuilt with a 1175 kit and a bit of extra work. I have not confirmed the large pistons but in the future when the engine needs a strip I will be able to measure everything and see if this is the case.

The work done to date has been:

March 2008 - Installed new disks and stripped the brake calipers. The calipers were full of crap and needed a good clean up to remove the build up of grime that often occurs around the seal.

Installed new battery and pulled clutch lever actuator apart to clean out the old grease. Checked the wiring, lights, horn, instruments and blinkers.

May - Roadworthy obtained. Have obtained new SS304 Banjo bolts so I will strip calipers off again and replace old bolts then bleed brakes again. Calipers are crap, so I will eventually fit GPz900R calipers as they work MUCH better and are a bolt on with minor work.

June - Intend to register bike when rain stops!

July - Registered... but... After sitting for six years the fork seals have proven to be shot, so with me now riding it everyday the leaks started big time. A new set of seals was obtained from England and fitted one Saturday morning in 2 hours 20 minutes. The 2 hours was to do the first one, the 20 minutes was the second fork leg, once I worked out how it was all assembled (very easy to do).

The Alternator has blown or was already blown, the battery has been slowly going flat. On disassembly of the unit, a big black burnt section was noted in the windings in one area (pictures to follow shortly). Replacement unit will be obtained this week.

The front tyre is at a point where I have now replaced it with a Metzler Lasertech 100/90V19. Rear should be good for 5000klm and is currently a Bridgestone, I will replace it with same when I get back as the bridgestone is not a bad rear tyre.

Gear Ratios
A run out to Kingaroy for a camping trip on the weekend at the tinny rally indicated that the sprocket gearing is wrong, at 100klm/hr the engine was doing 4500 rpm, it should be doing 3500 or thereabout as it is an 1175cc engine with heaps of grunt. On dis assembly of the rear end, I discovered the sprockets are not standard ratios. The front is a 14 tooth but it should be a 15 tooth and the rear is a 41 tooth instead of the standard 40 tooth. As a result of this the bike revs higher for less top speed. I need the bike to get to the MotoGP in October so I need it to be cruising down the highway, not revving its guts out! new sprockets on order! If I cannot get a 15 tooth front then I can go down to a 37 tooth rear to get a better top speed.

Fork Seals
The fork seals have proven to be ok after I changed them out the other weekend, this means the fork sliders are good.

Other issues
I dropped the speedo over to Otto Instruments for a service, it is making a whiring noise that is typical of a worn bearing and should get a re-calibration at the same time. Update25th August 2008 - picked up speedo today, its was reading 102 at 100 and 200 at 190 klm/hr. The defective bearing has been replaced and all is well, will refit tonight.

Sump Oil Leak
The only issue left is the sump leak. I need to do a filter and oil change, so I will drop the sump also and check the sludge in the bottom to get a feel for the state of the motor. on return from Philip Island I will need to do shims and another oil change.

Brake Calipers
Despite my initial strip and clean of the calipers when I bought the bike to get it to roll, I have discovered there is brake fluid weeping from the calipers, so I will need to replace the seals in October if I don't do it sooner. UpdateThree (3) new kits ordered from Z1enterprises.

Bike back and running by the weekend. Just need to fit the speedo and bikini fairing.

No other faults at this stage!
The caliper shows typical wear for a 26 year old bike.

August 2008
On a routine inspection of the calipers after pulling the wheels off I have discovered they are leaking all round. So I will need to put a seal kit through them.
September 2008
Front seals replaced, still trying to get the air out of the system, small bubbles constantly bleed out each time I do it, need to try the syringe trick I think!.
16 August 2008

Lots of work done this week, new Metzler 100/90V19 front tyre fitted by Mick at MTM motorcycles $155, new front 15 tooth sprocket and new 39 tooth rear sprocket arrived and I fitted a new RK630 chain that I had sitting on the shelf (had to grind 4 links out of it to fit but now have heaps of adjustment). The altenator was burned out on one winding so an exchange unit was purchased from Al's Bike and Bits on Monday and fitted last night. The bike is basically back together except for the speed which I need to collect as soon as it has been serviced.

Decided to order the brake caliper piston "O"-ring seals, they are the same as the z900, z1000 etc so 3 sets are now on there way from the US (from z1 enterprises). Should be here next week.

Just need to take it on a few test runs and she will only require an oil change a fortnight before I leave.
The left hand side of the B2, with the alternator and sprockets removed. Oil quality looks good and there are no mechanical disassemble problems, so far so good. Alternator has now been replaced and bike is functional again.
All three phases are shorted so the output was at most 10volts AC, once I removed the alternator cover the damage was obvious. The black sections are the shorted windings. You can buy them on exchange, the GPz1100 is the same as the z1000J and one or two other models.
More pictures to follow shortly!
October 2011

Restoration work has begun, bike has been fully stripped and the frame sent for straightening. All metal parts are now powder coated and the bike is ready for reassembly. Forks in getting new hardchrome at RAD Hardchroming. Gasket set for engine obtained, will start engine when I have rolling frame done.

November 2011
Frame finished and re-assembly in progress, fabricating custom fasteners and assembling as many parts as I can to achieve rolling chassis. Some parts will be renewed in time. Need new from tyre. Wheel rims painted gold earlier in the year and new bearings fitted at the same time. Work needed to finish tank base paint. Side covers, front guard and duck tail base paint colour done. Need to start preping them for Blue and White finish.

Note: Found an article from a Kawasaki dealer about front sprocket bolt coming off on its own. This caused the first factory recall for Kawasaki. There is a kit that prevents this so I will look into this after my front sprocket came off after a rear wheel change.
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1983 Kawasaki ZX1100-A1 (GPz1100)

Supersports model setting the ground work for the very popular 1984 GPz900R. Unitrack suspension on rear with anti-dive on front forks driven from front brake pressure. 1089cc Engine with digital fuel injection using throttle body injectors, full fairing, LCD fuel gauge mounted on tank with warning indicators. Speed and electric tachometer mounted in fairing.


  • 1089 cc
  • 4-Stroke, 4-Cylinder,Dual Over Head Camshaft
  • 5-Speed, Return Shift
  • 4 into 2 exhaust system, black chrome.
  • Body work colour - Firecracker Red, Polar White
  • Front Fender: Same as Fuel Tank

    * Engine No: KZT10BE019301 -
    * (West Germany)(Sweden) KZT10BG00000l -

    * Frame No: ZXT10A-000001 -
    * (Canada)(US) JKAZXBA1()DAOOOOOl-
    * Parts Catalog No: 99917-1020-02 (Microfiche),
    * (Europe) 99917-1001-05 (Microfiche), (Other)99917-1071-02 (Microfiche)
    * Service Manual No: Same as Z(KZ)1100-R1
    * Owner's Manual No: 99922-1206-03
    * (Canada)(US) 99920-1178-01 (West Germany) 99923-7052-01

1984 Kawasaki ZX1100-A2

    * Color
          o Fuel Tank: Firecracker Red, Galaxy Silver
          o Front Fender: Same as Fuel Tank
    * Engine No: KZT10BE029301-
    * (West Germany)(Sweden) KZT10BG001801-
    * Frame No: ZXT10A-010801-
    * (Canada)(US) JKAZXBA1()EA010801- ((Japan) Mfr.)
    * JKAZXBA1()EB500001-- ((US) Mfr.)
    * Parts Catalog No: Same as ZX1100-A1
    * Service Manual No: Same as Z(KZ)1100-R1
    * Owner's Manual No: 99922-1276-02
    * (Canada)(US) 99920-9227-07 (West Germany) 99923-1095-01
    * Changes: Color and graphics.

1985 Kawasaki ZX1100-A3

    * Color
    * Fuel Tank: Firecracker Red, Galaxy Silver
    * Front Fender: Same as Fuel Tank
    * Engine No: KZT10BE037201 -
    * (West Germany)(Sweden) KZT10BG003501-
    * Frame No: ZXT10A-015901 -
    * Parts Catalog No: (Europe) 99917-1001-05 (Microfiche)
    * Service Manual No: Same as Z(KZ)I 100-R1
    * Owner's Manual No: 99922-1343-01
    * (West Germany) 99923-1136-01
    * Changes: Color and graphic